Rancho California Target getting an extreme makeover

Upcoming renovation, which includes wood paneling and new white Target logo, is first major modification to the big box store since 2010.

The Temecula Planning Commission this month approved a proposal by Target to remodel its Rancho California Road location, a longtime anchor for one of the city’s oldest shopping centers.

The renovation, which includes dark wood paneling on the front of the building and a white bull’s-eye logo replacing the red logo, is part of Target’s nationwide push to freshen the exteriors of its stores.

On the interior, Target plans to eliminate the Temecula store’s 10,400 square-foot garden center and replace it with retail space.

The big box retailer also plans to add a new entrance on the southern end of the building and build a 1,000 square-foot addition on the northeast corner.

Staff recommended approval of the project, which does not entail any additional parking or new landscaping.

Target CEO Brian Cornell said earlier this year the Minneapolis-based chain will be pumping billions into the re-imagination of its 1,800 stores.

“While we are investing heavily in digital, we’re also doubling down on our stores to offer guests an elevated experience, and at the same time ensuring fast, easy pick up for online orders—giving guests every reason to keep coming to Target,” he said in a statement.

The second entrance planned for the Temecula location fits with the chain’s push to improve access to its stores, which have long been marked by a chaotic design that forced people to navigate past rows of carts to enter the retail space.

The new layout sounds as if it will replicate the experience of shopping at a supermarket, with displays of exclusive brands and seasonal “moments” greeting customers when they walk through the door.

The second entrance, meanwhile, is designed for quick order pickup, grab-and-go food and a wine and beer shop.

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    but will i still be able to get my popcorn??


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