Cal Oaks multiplex adding beer, wine, plush seats and a coffee shop

Like many movie theaters, Murrieta multiplex making changes to get adults out of their 4K dens.

A big cookie and a latte could become the new popcorn and soda in Murrieta.

The Reading Cinemas Cal Oaks 17 multiplex is getting a major overhaul that includes the addition of an Intelligentsia coffee shop, comfy recliner seats, a redesigned lobby and beer and wine service.

Renovation work started in mid-October. The crews, who were hauling out remnants of the old lobby earlier this week, should be finished in late November.

Give or take a week or two and the new theater should be done before the Dec. 14 opening of “Star Wars: The Last Jedi,” which likely will be screened in the theater’s two new Titan Luxe with Dolby Atmos auditoriums.

Adding beer and wine service and new seating has become standard operating procedure in recent years for the nation’s multiplexes, which are adding more upscale amenities to try and coax adults out of their 4K living rooms for a night out.


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