Donut Bar coming to town

San Diego-based chain is kicking off a grand expansion effort that includes a new location in Temecula and other Southern California cities, such as Chula Vista and Eastlake.

Donut Bar, a San Diego-based donut chain known for its exotic confections, is adding a location in Temecula.

It will be run by freshly-minted franchisee David Nichols, a Temecula resident who has lived in the area for more than a decade.

“Though Temecula has gotten just about every restaurant choice over the years, it still lacks experiential entertainment options for families like those you find in San Diego and Orange County,” Nichols said in a release.

After gaining a rabid following in San Diego, where its B Street location stays open until its colorful creations sell out, the company opened a Las Vegas spot that became a favorite with tourists.

Founder Santiago Campa is a former pastry chef who worked at the Four Seasons and Ritz-Carlton hotels before teaming with his partner Wendy Bartels on a unique take on a tried-and-true formula.

“I knew I wanted to open my very own bakery and I always had an unusual fascination with the simplicity of a donut. Donuts are (literally) my life!” he said in a statement.

The Temecula location is slated to open early next year.

The chain hasn’t announced where it will be opening but it could land in the new Gateway shopping center near the Temecula Parkway interchange, which would allow it to target the thousands of commuters who stream by each morning.

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