Murrieta Marketplace could break ground this summer

Development team has inked Home Depot and Arco and it’s talking to a number of other potential tenants who want to tap the rapidly-growing French Valley section of the county.

The team building the Murrieta Marketplace shopping center in the northeastern corner of the city near French Valley has pushed back the groundbreaking for the project, which will be one of the largest shopping centers in Southwest Riverside County when it’s built out.

“More than likely summer now,” said Brian Bielatowicz, senior vice president for Lee & Associates, in an email

Plans for the center, which is eagerly anticipated by the growing number of residents who call that area home, call for big box anchors — such as Home Depot, a Kohls-type store and a supermarket — plus neighborhood commercial: salons, sandwich shops and the like.

The project has been divided into phases with the southern portion of the acreage, where Clinton Keith Road is slated to connect with Winchester Road, tabbed as Phase One.

Construction will continue north on the 50-acre site until the entire parcel, from Clinton Keith to Max Gilliss Boulevard, is developed.

Home Depot and Arco have been inked as tenants in the center, which will feature around 500,000 square feet of retail space, but talks are ongoing for the rest of the pads.

Bielatowicz said this week he had nothing to announce as to additional tenants but “(we) do have some good activity.”


  1. Not too sure why we need a big box store when we have three lowes and one home depot within six miles from the location. Not to mention two gas stations across the street and another eight more around the corner.


  2. SUPER excited about this! There is insufficient retail in this area as far as I’m concerned. Can’t wait!


  3. How about a Target and Trader Joe’s?


  4. Very excited for this. Hoping for a Ralph’s and how about a Michaels or Hobby Lobby! So needed in this area!!!!!


  5. Has this been delayed again


    1. Not that I’ve heard. There was an item regarding the project on this week’s (March 20) council agenda. Sounds like the city will be reviewing the development plan in July, which, if approved, could set the stage for a groundbreaking later this summer.

      From the staff report (

      The existing improvement agreement securities guarantee the completion of roadway improvements
      estimated at $5,227,000 for Clinton Keith Road and $2,065,000 for SR-79/Winchester Road on the
      project’s property frontage and carry a large annual premium payment to keep the status of the bonds
      current and complete.The Developer has requested to replace the existing improvement agreement
      securities with the subject Bond Release Agreement. The Bond Release Agreement requires release of
      the securities from the City and will allow the developer to stop making annual bond premium payments
      associated with the improvement agreements.

      The Bond Release Agreement specifies that upon approval of its Development Plan Application DP2017-1370
      the Developer shall enter into new Improvement Agreements and post new securities in
      accordance with the amounts, timing and other requirements specified in new Improvement
      Agreements. The Development Plan Application is currently scheduled to receive City review at
      Planning Commission and City Council meetings in July 2018.


  6. Hurry, have lived in this community for 17 years 3 homes later. Could have used a home improvement store many times in the past! Also, a Target, Trader Joe’s and many other choices of restaurants and grocery stores… just too many home owners in the area with another 750 more new homes being built! Hurry can’t wait!!!


  7. […] to seed the fund will be pulled from the $1,000,000 the city earmarked for the Murrieta Marketplace project, money that was going to offset a portion of the $5 million in street improvement costs associated […]


  8. I heard Home Depot pulled out from this project. Has anyone heard anything about this?


    1. Aaron Claverie May 17, 2018 at 5:10 pm

      Development team had no comment on that when the same question was posed a few weeks ago.


  9. Stater Bros is way to crowed these day. We need another grocery store in the area to accommodate the growth population.


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