Costco looking to build new store near Vista Murrieta High School

Murrieta council next week will be considering an infrastructure agreement that could pave way for new store.

Issaquah, Wash.-based retailer Costco Wholesale is in talks to build a new warehouse on 4.75 acres north of Vista Murrieta High School.

The land is owned by CK-17 LLC, a company formed by the developer, Allan Davis, who built The Orchard shopping center at the northwest corner of the Clinton Keith Road interchange.

In 2016, Davis’ development team secured permission from the city to build a sister center called The Vineyard on the other side of the freeway. That center, slated for 16 acres at the northeast corner of the interchange, could include a 91-room hotel, drive-thru restaurants, a bank, supermarket and commercial retail.

According to the agenda for Tuesday’s Murrieta council meeting, CK-17 will transfer a 4.75-acre portion of its land to Costco for a warehouse if the the city agrees to pay for some of the costs associated with building Warm Springs Parkway, a new road that will serve as the main entrance to the The Vineyard from Clinton Keith.

The city’s share of the road could end up costing around $1.6 million, according to a fiscal analysis prepared by staff, which the city can cover via a combination of developer impact fee credits, general fund dollars or reprogrammed capital improvement project funds.

Municipalities are generally agreeable to these sort of arrangements due to the amount of sales tax revenue a big box retailer such as Costco, which has locations in Temecula and Lake Elsinore, can generate.

A Costco spokesperson this week said the company does not comment on future warehouses until it is ready to share details about a new location on its website, which is generally updated two or three months ahead of a store opening.

  1. I’ve heard plenty of chatter for the past couple years that a new Costco would arrive in Murrieta, either the area being mentioned, or somewhere just west of the Triangle between Jefferson and Madison. From a Costco point of view, the rationale for the choice of either location is easy to understand. And, in either location the resulting perpetual commercial sales tax flow will be a piece of the long term sales tax puzzle Murrieta so dearly needs to solve.


    1. Agreed entirely Tom. This is a win win for both the city of Murrieta and Costco. I think ultimately this location works best, to both, take some heat from Temecula and reach a currently lesser tapped market (i.e. Deeper French Valley and Menifee especially once Clinton Keith’s expansion is finished).


  2. This is great news for Murrieta, The Temecula store is always too crowded and parking is difficult to find . This is a great location for a new Costco close to the Freeway. I prefer to leave my share of the Sales Tax in my own city. Murrieta.


  3. This is good news. I hope the city can get it off its own way and make this happen.


  4. Though this will be in Murrieta, it’s a win for the consumers in Wildomar too. The Temecula location is a horrible option, and Lake Elsinore is getting busier and busier with each passing year.


  5. Rachel Shimada May 27, 2018 at 2:59 pm

    It would also be nice to have a Trader Joe’s in Murrieta!


  6. I really hope when they put the new Murrieta Costco in, it will have a gas station with diesel gas. I leave in menifee and have to drive to the Temecula one, lake Elsinore one doesn’t have diesel. 🤨


  7. Hopefully, they’ll do a much better design for ingress/egress of the gas pump area. The redesign of adding pumps is great, the traffic flow at the Temecula store is NOT an improvement.


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