Old Town Temecula getting new restaurants, indoor farmers market

Planning Commission this week approved Bernie Truax’s development plan for the parcels that bracket Town Square park.

Bernie Truax’s development plan for the vacant parcels that bracket Town Square Park in Old Town was approved this week by the Temecula Planning Commission.

The plan — which was praised by each of the commissioners — calls for two three-story buildings that will house an indoor farmers market, two restaurants, rooftop and patio dining areas with views of the hills to the west, electricity hookups for concerts and special events and public restrooms.

The farmers market will be similar to the popular outdoor version that is held on Saturday mornings in Old Town. As sketched out by Truax, there will be kiosks inside the buildings that will offer local wines and craft beers, specialty items and artisan food: cheeses, pastries and the like.

Truax said he’s working with a partner who runs similar markets in other parts of the country and he’s confident it will be fully leased when the buildings open in two years or so.

One of the restaurants will offer food that can be enjoyed on a patio or in a picnic setting on the Town Square’s grass. The other will be more “formal,” Truax said.

The grand plan for the Civic Center, which the city built almost 10 years ago with Redevelopment Agency funding, has long called for this sort of development on the parcels.

There is no new parking associated with Truax’s Town Square development but he is building a parking garage on land nearby that could be used to offer valet service for visitors.

The free public garage connected to the Civic Center also will be available.

Truax said crews will be working on his new garage and his Old Town luxury hotel project while construction of the Town Square buildings moves forward.

During negotiations with Truax, the city included conditions that called for the public restrooms, which will be situated on the far western edge of the development, and the electricity hookups.

  1. Bernie already has budget issues with his grand hotel scheme and they havnt even started grading yet. Those original Butterfield Stage buildings were torn down and now what? Another bunch of BS that the planning folks are buying into. By the time these “local” developers are done China will own Old Town Temecula, because that’s where the money is being fronted.

    Look as hard as you like, you won’t find the Truax name in Temecula history journals, but if you can borrow enough cash you can buy a block and name it after yourself.


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  3. Why wouldn’t there be plans for a parking structure, even if underground, if a hotel is being built? The existing parking structure really isn’t that big and if I was staying in a hotel, I would expect close, adequate parking. Having easy, convenient parking will encourage people to stop and enjoy Old Town, while a lack of parking will send them elsewhere. Parking is often a nightmare as it is now.


    1. In fact thete is a parking structure going in as part of the Hotel, directly across on 3rd street, behind the swing in.
      If they ever start……..

      It’s still going to be a struggle to park at times in Old Town, but that’s a start in the right direction with these big buildings coming in. Personally I feel the city shoukd have made them put that up prior to the hotel, so all those dozens of contractors would have a place to park as the Hotel gets built, but that’s just me searching for common sense.


  4. More parking is needed in old town especially on the north end. Traffic is terrible especially during events. The ice skating rink has to be relocated, and the Santa Parade gee it took 2 hours to get out of town after the parade. Not to mention the Saturday farmers market that takes an entire parking lot. Big plans, big build development with limited parking and traffic flow.


  5. […] The building, which was vetted Monday by the city’s Old Town Local Review Board, is slated for the vacant lot at the southwest corner of Mercedes and Fourth streets, a parcel that abuts the Town Square land where Bernie Truax is be building his marketplace project. […]


  6. Laura Calderon March 20, 2018 at 6:20 pm

    Sounded great. No matter where you go there is traffic. What about an indoor water park and knock down the germ infected Mulligans.


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