Temecula looking to update Old Town parking plan

New study will look at existing conditions and future development planned for the historic region.

Transportation consultants who drew up a management plan for parking in Old Town Temecula may be working on the sequel.

The City Council on Tuesday, March 13, will be considering a contract with the Los Angeles-based firm, Fehr & Peers, to update the plan they wrote in 2010, which included near-term, mid-term and long-term strategies to “better use the existing parking and provide a mechanism to add parking as future growth occurs.”

The contract would pay the firm at least $72,809.

The update will look at existing conditions and take into consideration recently-approved projects, such as the Marketplace buildings in front of the Civic Center that will be developed by the Truax Company, and future construction in the historic region.

  1. We in no way need Marketplace creating more employee\owner\client traffic that these 300 plus office, retail spaces will create being thrown out on the I-15 at Rancho California and Temecula Parkway. These offices will not hire Temeculians as they are small offices where everyone works for themselves. This is not a job generator. It is a traffic increasor. And everyone is burned out on speaking against more Temecula projects or it is cold and rainy(Praise God) or don’t know how to reach this City. This plus all the other traffic generating projects is going to create mayhem or serious carpools. No mass transit thru the middle of I-15 IN SITE.


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