Peppertree Montessori opening new school in Temecula

School will be located in a building across the street from the Target shopping center on Rancho California Road.

Proponents of Montessori’s hands-on, child-led approach to education should be happy to learn that a new school is set to open this summer.

“We are anticipating opening in mid July,” said Peppertree Montessori Director Shelly Miner in an email. “We are reserving spaces at this time and each classroom is about half full. We will offer an infant class, toddler class and two preschool-age classes.”

Bruce Nimmo of Nimmo Construction said his team is renovating the office building at 29373 Rancho California Rd. for use by the school. His part of the project should be done by late June, he said.

The interior of the building, which sits across the street from the Target shopping center, is being completely redesigned to Peppertree’s specifications, he said. The playground outside will feature the type of equipment that cultivates Montessori’s culture of interactive activities, which helps foster a love of learning.

The Montessori method of education was pioneered by Maria Montessori in 1910 in Italy. The style of education, which stokes a child’s natural desire to learn, soon gained a worldwide following.

Peppertree is currently accepting pre-admission applications and will host an open house once construction is complete.

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