New cellphone tower rising at Chaparral High School

You may be able to hear me now, or check your Instagram feed, when using your phone near the Winchester/Margarita intersection.

You’re running on the treadmill at the LA Fitness off Winchester when this happens.

“I’ve got one less problem without ya, one less problem… (buffering) …”

AT&T is on it.

The telecommunications giant recently secured permission from the Temecula Valley Unified School District to install a cellphone tower light pole at Chaparral High School, which should help improve coverage in an area known for spotty reception.

The agenda item, which was considered during Tuesday’s regular board meeting, also included approval of plans for a new restroom and snack bar on the visitor’s side of the football field.

Those new buildings, which will replace the portable johns that were used on Friday nights, will improve the flow of pedestrian traffic during stadium use, according to the staff report for the board.

Construction is scheduled to begin this summer.

  1. Please advise on any updates on the Murrieta Maketolace that is on Corner of Winchester and Max Gillis that was supposed to start building July of 2108. No movement still since 2006 when the shopping complex was supposed to be built.


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