Goat & Vine owners opening another restaurant in Old Town

“It will be elevated, refined dining.”

A flock of birds takes flight on one wall. A floor-to-ceiling, 1,000-bottle capacity wine cellar flanks the opposite expanse. And a long, marble-topped bar with copper and gold adornments sits in the center of it all.

This is The Nightingale, a new venture by the family that opened the successful Goat & Vine restaurant in Old Town three years ago.

“It will be elevated, refined dining,” said co-owner Brad Trevithick, who once again teamed with his wife Alicia to develop the menu and design of the establishment, which is located on the first floor of the Truax Building.

Late last week, over a plate of mixed greens and thinly-sliced radishes, the Trevithicks described how The Nightingale will offer their dedicated fans — check out the raves on G&V’s review pages — an entirely new dining experience.

In other words, if you want a pizza, don’t make a reservation at their new restaurant, which could open as soon as this Saturday.

“We’re calling it California modern,” Alicia said.

That means fresh seafood, handmade pastas, specialty cocktails and locally grown produce. And when the couple says “fresh seafood” they’re not just throwing that phrase around.

The owners managed to find an Alaskan vendor that will fly oysters, salmon and halibut directly to Temecula. Every item that ends up on a diner’s table will either be made in house (breads, butter, pastries) or sourced from a curated list of local vendors.

“We’re going to highlight vegetables in a beautiful way,” Brad said.

On the spirits list, look for a long list of sherries and less common liquors such as the Italian digestif amaro.

In keeping with the Aesop’s Fables inspiration for The Goat & Vine, the Trevithick’s new restaurant is named after The Nightingale and the Sparrow. In that tale, a sparrow chides a nightingale for listening to a shepherd as he plays a flute.

“How provoked I am to see a bird so learned as you are take lessons as if you were a novice, when you must know that the song of the Nightingale was heard with pleasure and admiration long before any instrument of music bad existence, and that it is yourself who are the teacher!”

Yet the nightingale, offering up a retort that should resonate with restaurant owners opening a second location, is quick to put the sparrow straight.

“However that may be,” said the Nightingale, “if this Shepherd has learnt from me, I may now learn from him—he tries to imitate the capricious variations of my voice, and I may gain much if I can copy his scientific manner of arranging them; and I hope you know that even the voice of a Nightingale might be improved by rule.”

  1. Janet Colburn May 21, 2018 at 7:59 pm

    Wow😮can’t wait till it opens! sounds amazing in every way! I loved the interior as my husband and I strolled by while we were walking thru old town . Farm to table from local vendors is what we’ve been cheering for! we enjoy fresh seafood as well! so excited!


  2. Congrats Guys!! Sounds amazing!!


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