Prestige Golf Carts building new showroom, RV storage facility

Planning Commission will consider the project at this week’s regular meeting.

Prestige Golf Carts is on the move.

The 22-year-old company, which has showrooms in Temecula and Canyon Lake, is building a new dealership on 3.52 acres of land in Murrieta, a parcel on Whitewood Road just north of the Los Alamos Road intersection.

Plans call for the construction of a 22,000 square foot, two-story showroom and a separate outdoor RV storage facility on site. The storage facility will have 47 available spaces.

According to Prestige’s website, the company will be closing its Temecula location when it opens the new Murrieta home base.

“Temecula location will be moving to our new facility late 2018. We will be combining both the service/parts and showroom locations together. We are very excited for this new chapter and want to extend a warm THANK YOU to all of our Local Customers for making this possible!”

The Murrieta Planning Commission will be reviewing the plans at this week’s regular meeting, which is set for 6 p.m. Wednesday. Staff is recommending approval.

Anyone interested in getting on a waiting list for the RV storage facility should contact Prestige at their Temecula location.


  1. A nice business, and a good move. It’ll be interesting to learn what the folks on the planning commission think. A close neighbor of Prestige, another good business, Boot Barn, might also want to consider moving out of their current semi-industrial neighborhood to the more commercially upwardly-mobile environs of Murrieta.


  2. Hey Suttle, the Temecula bashing was tired about five years ago. Get over the whole routine with how Temecula stole the mall…blah…blah…blah. Temecula leaders took care of business while your city leaders were asleep. Enough.


    1. Hello General… I commend and respect your rank. I noticed many years ago the road that bears your name… back when it was dirt, initially. (By the way, are/were you Marine or Army?… I served from ’67 to ’70, Army… but only as a sergeant, Sir) . Anyway, I never have really been a Temecula “basher”, although I can understand your comment. I’ve actually admired the city’s leadership, both politically and managerial, since the time of incorporation. And no, nobody really thinks the mall was stolen from Murrieta. Rather, Murrieta was very intelligently out-foxed. I remember, as I assume you do, exactly what the politically masterful Mr. Stone did at the time. It was exactly what he should have done, for his city’s benefit. And, the equally masterful (managerially) Mr. Bradley. And, yes, Murrieta’s leaders were clueless at the time of what was happening. “Asleep” is fair. I’ll never forget the bewilderment at the Murrieta council meeting following the perfectly executed mall snatch maneuver. It was brilliant. Anyway, Sir, I’ll let you get back to your duties. Thank you for writing.


  3. One more thought for the General… I suppose you, as a general grade officer, may be acquainted with a retired military gentleman on the Murrieta council. And, presumably, you are aware that the Ynez/Jackson connection was made possible in large part by the strategic planning of the officer to whom I refer. And, well, although it goes far beyond my understanding of such precognitive and insightful planning, your Murrieta officer cousin presented the possibility back when the road connection was being contemplated, that this road extension could provide an escape route for Murrietans if they ever needed to flee a terrorist attack. … Yes. That’s actually what he said. He really did. And that kind of thinking is way above my rank. People like me can fathom little of this particular matter other than the fact that the connection has eased, partially but significantly, the daily commuter-related traffic nightmare that Temecula had and still has long endured on and around the I-15/Winchester ramps. So, I guess Murrieta got the better of Temecula on this one, huh? Good night, General.


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