Plastic surgeons turning old Hooters building into office space

Building is being completely remodeled and renovated.

(Insert inappropriate joke here.)

A group of doctors, including some plastic surgeons, recently purchased the old Hooters building at 27345 Jefferson Avenue, which, some Temeculans may remember, was pretty controversial when it opened for business in 2006.

The doctors are converting the formerly-gaudy home of tight tank-tops, booty shorts and hot wings into office space for their respective practices, according to a leasing agent who used to represent the former owners of the building.

Shortly after opening its doors,¬†Hooters management got on the wrong side of the city by gussying up the building with the chain’s signature orange paint, which was applied to the doors, window frames and columns.

Temecula officials threatened to fine the restaurant for an unauthorized facade improvement but the parties eventually came to a settlement.

Hooters closed a few years later after Temecula residents, which have been much kinder to the Tilted Kilt Pub & Eatery, snubbed its PG-13 wares (and its location on the west side of I-15.)

A developer tried to inject new life into the building in the early 2010s by converting it into an events center — which could be rented out for wedding receptions, quinceaneras and birthday parties — but that business plan didn’t generate enough revenue.

  1. This is such a rich topic. I wonder why the people of Temecula have been kinder to the tilted kilt. Maybe the people of Temecula have changed. Just a though.


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