‘Something for everyone’ at new yoga studio in Old Town

Former teacher is taking over management of popular studio space in Temecula.

Adriane Alvarez slowly unravels her mat, folds her legs into sukhasana; palms on knees, thumb and index finger connected.


When she opens her eyes, the owner of Home Yoga Studio is greeted by a view of the sun setting behind the hills west of Old Town, a serene melange of pinks and oranges and wisps of clouds.

It’s a familiar sight for Alvarez — a longtime yoga teacher who taught classes at the third-floor studio space at Old Town Front and Fifth for years — but there are thousands of area residents who either don’t know about the spot or think the studio offers mostly gentle-style yoga.

“My whole motivation is to offer classes to a greater spectrum of clientele, to a greater population,” said Alvarez, who opened up her studio this week. “I want to make it more accessible. I’m definitely going to be offering a lot of different styles and it won’t be limited to one group or one age. It’s for all shapes, all sizes, all ages.”

Living Yoga Center was the first to settle into the site, followed by Cloud Nine Yoga, which closed up shop earlier this month after nearly three years in business. Alvarez, who taught yoga at Cloud Nine and other local studios, decided to buy the business on a whim.

She and a friend were wandering around after lunch when the owner of Cloud Nine saw them peeking in the windows of the old Barley & Hops Olde World Tavern space on Temecula Parkway.

Erika (Faith Calig) called me up and said, ‘If you’re thinking about opening a studio, come and talk to me’,” she said. “Erika said ‘I honestly couldn’t see anybody better to take over than you’.” 

And with that endorsement Alvarez quickly transformed from yoga teacher to yoga teacher/yoga studio owner.

Since beginning her teaching career seven years ago, the effervescent brunette noticed that a lot of studios only offer one type of yoga.

There’s vinyasa, hatha or flow. Hot, power or Bikram. Yet, if you’re searching for multiple styles of yoga — say you want a serious sweaty workout one day but more of a gentle, meditative one the next — you often have to go to a different studio.

With Home, Alvarez is attempting to offer a sort of one-stop-shop for all sorts of disciplines that solves that issue.

Home also will continue to cater to the current students who were dedicated to Cloud Nine.

They will offer a lot of the same classes — taught by the same teachers — and continue to honor memberships and passes.

Right before opening, Alvarez freshened up the practice room and the lobby to give it a new look and feel. She’s also plans to hire more teachers, host events and offer workshops.

One population that Home really wants to focus on is the military and veterans. Studies have shown that yoga is extremely helpful with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Through a program called Connected Warriors, Alvarez will be able to offer free classes to that group.

Also, look for other unique classes such as Aerial Yoga and Mermaid Movement and — if you visit during the right time of day — an amazing sunset.


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  1. It’s good to get the word out about this studio, and about all existing and upcoming educational, personal development, and modern-day (read that, “currently useful”) cultural assets in Temecula’s Old Town. Temecula’s economic development team has been brilliant over recent years in their attempt to maintain depth and balance in this all important district. Old Town in this busy town is so much more than a place to grab an adult beverage, a bite to eat, or to browse the antique shops (nice as they are)… It is now, and hopefully will continue to be, a multi-faceted anchor of culture, education, and personal development.


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