UPDATE: Whole Foods opening neighborhood market in Temescal, Oakland

Whole Foods apologizes for “Temecula” tweet.

Whole Foods is sorry.

The company issued an apology this afternoon on Twitter in response to a question about plans for a 365 market in the Temecula Valley. According to Whole Foods, they are building a new neighborhood market in Temescal, a neighborhood in Oakland, not Temecula.

“Wow, good job,” tweeted @TheTrueTrevor. “Seriously you’re missing out on so much business.”

Last week, in a response to Trevor wondering why there isn’t a Whole Foods in Temecula, the company said it was in the process of developing a 365 market here.

  1. I’d love to have Whole Foods nearby.


  2. Marsalis Jackson July 11, 2018 at 5:40 am

    Please tell me when is the Grand opening for the 365 Whole Foods market in the Temescal District of Oakland, California


  3. I had wondered about this. A fairly well sourced rumbling heard a few years back left me with the impression that Murrieta’s “Triangle” vicinity was in focus. I was kind of hopeful about this, because the Triangle is a gold mine that has long been waiting to be tapped. Then that signal fell silent, so I didn’t know what was going on. Trader Joe’s was back at the same time kicking around the concept of a second location, and “Murrieta” had been heard then, too… but 79 South was also being mentioned. And again in this case, things quieted down about the whole subject, at least what I had been hearing. And there is, I think, a very logical concern about what is happening to mid-range major mall anchors nationwide, so maybe that’s why not much is being heard about the Ynez/79South vicinity these days. It’s all quite interesting.


  4. Um why aren’t you in Temecula/Murrieta? There’s soiooo much potential here it’s kind of ridiculous lol


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