Giant RV offering ‘locals only’ discount on 2018 Cyclone

Call or text Murrieta-based internet manager Leon Graber at 951-696-7444 to set up an appointment.

Giant RV in Murrieta is offering a special “locals only” price on a 2018 Cyclone 4113, a luxury toy hauler that is perfect for adventurous families.

There is only one of this particular model in stock (HCY467.) When it’s sold, this post will be deleted.

For those unfamiliar with Cyclones, they are the top-rated luxury toy haulers on the market. They’re built by Heartland, the Thor-owned company that was founded in the early 2000s.

The 4113 model features a full bath in the garage, giving families the option of limiting use of the master bath to mom and dad. Anyone with a child who takes a long shower can appreciate that!

It also has a rear awning that provides shade over the beaver tail patio, which is equipped with a fence and a dedicated set of steps. If you’re at the desert or the beach, you can make sure the party (and the sand) stays outside.

Inside there is a long couch that is perfect for family dinners or movie nights. A slide expands the space in the kitchen revealing a pantry for storage.

Above the kitchen there is a fun loft that can be used as a bed for a teen or storage.

The master bedroom has a dedicated wardrobe slide which creates a lot of walk-around space around the bed.

The model Giant ordered has three AC’s, which should provide plenty of cold air in Glamis or Dumont.

To see it in person, contact Leon Graber in the Murrieta dealership’s internet department.

MSRP on this model (including options) is $108,000 but the department has authorized a first come, first serve price of $76,730.91 (plus taxes and fees.)


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