Prestige Golf Carts appealing denial of showroom, RV lot plans

Owner has met with neighboring landowners twice to address their concerns.

Prestige Golf Carts is taking its case to the Murrieta City Council.

The company, which has showrooms in Canyon Lake and Temecula, is appealing the Planning Commission’s recent denial of its plans for a new showroom and RV storage lot in Murrieta.

That decision was handed down in late May by a shorthanded commission, which voted 2-1 to deny Prestige’s application. The appeal should be heard by the council on August 7.

“The issues that were brought up were concerns of the neighbors,” said Prestige owner Mike Highsmith in an email to TVD.¬† “I have met with the neighbors twice and have discussed their concerns. They are now only concerned about the traffic, which our engineers and the city’s engineers approved. Their issues are the blind turn, lack of signage for warning and that we may have more than one recreational vehicle coming in at a time, which is very unlikely.”

Plans call for the construction of a 22,000 square foot, two-story showroom and a separate outdoor RV storage facility on the Prestige-owned site, a 3.5-acre parcel on Whitewood Road just north of the Los Alamos Road intersection. The storage facility will have 47 available spaces.

The company will be closing its Temecula location if it secures approval to open the new Murrieta home base.

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