At Home furniture store eyeing old Kmart building in Temecula

At Home, a Texas-based home decor/furniture chain that sounds like a nice complement to the city’s Hobby Lobby location, could be moving into the old Kmart building in Temecula.

Chamber and city officials have both confirmed the chain’s interest in the site but formal plans have not yet been submitted. If the chain decides to move forward, the renovation of the Kmart site will be considered by the city’s Planning Commission.

At Home, which went public in 2016, started with a single store called Garden Ridge Pottery in the late 1970s. The founders ended up dropping “pottery” from the name and opened new Garden Ridge locations in Texas and neighboring states.

A few years ago, the company underwent a complete brand overhaul to At Home, which included ditching the familiar-to-Texans orange color scheme of the Garden Ridge days.


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